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The Making of the Show

What most viewers don't know is the Glitzy Gourmet show is filmed in Glitzy's home residence in Andover. Lights and cameras are brought in and set-up in Glitzy's kitchen, and local cable access volunteers, along with Glitzy's Husband, film the show. Once filmed, the video is then edited at Wilmington Cable Television ("WCTV") by Glitzy and WCTV staff.

Being able to film in the comforts of your own home has its perks and challenges. Having all the supplies needed readily available and being comfortable in the environment is great, but this does come with some challenges. For instance, when cooking on the stove top, Glitzy's back would be towards the camera., which isn't ideal for filming. The solution was to use a small cook plate on the island of the kitchen instead of the stove top. This allows Glitzy to cook facing the camera and her viewers. Another challenge is the light coming in through a window above Glitzy's kitchen sink. In some shows you will notice blinds covering the window to avoid casting a shadow onto the food being prepared.

Once the show has been filmed, Glizty and WCTV staff get to work on editing. They add in Glitzy's introduction, make sure the video flows without interruptions, and ensure all lighting, voices, and viewing angles are correct.

Lastly, the show is distributed to local cable access television networks throughout Massachusetts via postal mail and/or electronic distribution.

Who is Glitzy?

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