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Denise Gentile, aka "Glitzy," is a down to earth, big hearted, fand fun to be around person. She has always enjoyed cooking extravagant meals for family and friends and loves to entertain.    

Denise has lived in Andover, MA for 35+ years with her husband Anthony. What most people don't know about Glitzy is that she is a retired beautician. Over the course of 30 years she owned three hair salons; one in Everett (Coiffeur DeLeon), Wilmington (Beauty  Depot), and North Reading (Tiffany's Hair Boutique). After three decades, she decided to retire early and relax...or so she thought.

Denise stayed  at home for 2 weeks, redecorated the entire house and realized she was  going to go stir crazy at home everyday. As a result, she started  working in retail banking and enjoyed her new career through the end  of 2014. Denise officially retired once again in 2015 and has been  keeping herself occupied by volunteering locally, entertaining, and  enjoying retirement life.  

One  thing you can always count on, is regardless of the task Glitzy takes  on she will always continue to do what she does best – be creative,  enthusiastic, and interact with people!  

Who is Glitzy?

Don't Forget the Glitz, Don't Forget the Glitter, and Don't Forget to Enjoy Your Dinner!